Bauhaus Active Focus Group AWS Certified (English)

What makes the Active  Focus Group so effective?

Clear objective

The objective is to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam, SAA-C02. We are fully focused on this; all participants have this as a goal.

Only subjects that recur in the SAA-C02 exam are covered. In addition, the teacher offers practical tips that will certainly help you win the certificate!


Coaching does not end with the online virtual classroom and inspiring training sessions. Coaching means daily answering of questions, through a Slack environment dedicated and actively monitored by our cloud specialists.

Support Group

Bauhaus has been supplying the  Active Focus  Group since 2018. The students feel a common sporting challenge. The experienced trainer directs and promotes this. Students exchange all kinds of tips to pass the exam. It becomes the group’s goal!

Klassikale training

During the virtual classroom training, which lasts 6 sessions, the Focus Group trainer will give clear introductions about the exam material. Students can see and hear each other and ask questions. It’s a  virtual classroom. You can get assignments to give a 10-minute presentation or to build something together with two fellow students. Sometimes you go into a  break-out  room to prepare something to discuss it in the group afterwards.

“You can have results or excuses. Not both.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Gaining active experience

Creating classroom assignments in AWS is an effective learning method. You will receive a login account from Bauhaus in a AWS environment dedicated to the Focus  Group. Assignments are done during the classroom meetings, but also in between. You do many assignments together, you keep in touch with each other and with the trainer via Slack. This has proved particularly effective.

Bauhaus Active Focus Group AWS Certified


Six joint sessions in a virtual classroom, online based on Webex Training, led by an experienced and knowledgeable teacher



A Slack channel where you are in constant contact with the other students and where the trainer answers questions daily



Textbook, on paper or in .mobi (Kindle ebook) format



A shared AWS account (subscription) where you can work on assignments individually or together. Every student gets a login account for this AWS environment



Homework exercises and homework study assignments



An exam voucher


The guidance via Slack as well as the shared AWS environment remain accessible to every student, even after the last virtual classroom session. We’ll keep guiding you until you pass the exam! (Exams are done via the Internet and are therefore Corona-proof.)

Required prior knowledge.

General ICT infrastructure topics should be known as a concept, such as TCP/IP, virtualization, load balancing, (basic) web hosting, identity management, auto scaling.

The study group can be followed well for infrastructure engineers, but also if you are an architect or project leader.

Sign up and get your AWS certificate this summer!



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